SSG-VC-234 Black on Black Scissor Attack

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-234 Black on Black Scissor Attack



Zara and Eve are going head to head and Zara is one strong girl. Eve is known to be powerful but she runs into some real issues taking on Zara. As she finds herself trapped numerous times between Zara’s thick strong legs, Eve literally has to fight for her life as Zara clamps down squeeze after squeeze. With her combination reverse figure fours, she rams Eve’s face into her ass as well, cutting off her air supply two ways.

Eve struggles just to catch a single breath as she fights hard to escape. Zara uses hair pulling as one of her tactics to keep Eve’s head locked in tight. There was not much Eve could do against her more powerful nemesis but take the scissors, and pray that this would all soon be over with. Zara enjoyed her victory over Eve, knowing she defeated her, smiling intently.


SSG-VC-234 Black on Black Scissor Attack.

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  1. Ehtesham Nawaz says:

    Zara rules.