SSG-VC-199 AJ’S Headscissor Prison

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-199 AJ'S Headscissor Prison

SSG-VC-199 AJ’S Headscissor Prison  AJ is the new girl on the block looking to make a name for herself here. She is small in stature but this girl packs some serious power. Arianne is somewhat afraid of her, especially knowing all about AJ’s notorious reverse headscissor. This headscissor will inflict serious pain, or put them to sleep. As they begin AJ gets the upper hand with a few really good rolling side scissors, and combination figure fours. This has Arianne on edge, trying to break free. As the match progresses, Arianne locks on her own reverse head scissor and makes AJ work for her release. Taps are traded, scissors are being applied by both girls, full tilt. Unfortunately for Arianne, after being trapped in AJ’s non inescapable reverse head scissor and others she finds herself on the losing end. Aj locks on a froward straight leg, that has Arianne in near panic stage, she taps but it was too little, too late. AK chalks up an amazing victory over Arianne, that we are sure once she comes to will want her revenge to be swift and quick.



SSG-VC-199 AJ’S Scissor Prison.

One Comment
  1. workforit20 says:

    This is where it all started! Arianne has hit the mats with AJ 3 other times since this match. Arianne can’t continue to let AJ brutally leg squeeze her over and over. Come on Arianne dominate her with all the leg squeeze power you got!! Sleepy time AJ.