SSG-VC-069 Waitress Scissor Showdown

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SSG-VC-069 Waitress Scissor Showdown   Arianne and Bella are both hooter waitresses dressed in their classic Hooter outfits. Arianne is quick to unleash a fury of headscissors, each with devastating effects on Bella. Bella fought hard to not get trapped, but Arianne seemed to be quicker and more agile than Bella. Arianne was not afraid to dish out some great scissor punishment, and Bella’s face turned a deep purple on more than one occasion. Bella did manage to have her short period on top and certainly paid Arianne back by getting her into some knotted scissors herself. All in all, Bella was getting beat, and with every scissor that made her weaker as the match went on. Arianne has a wicked reverse headscissor and used that to her advantage, Bella’s chin directly in Arianne’s butt, her face turning from red to purple, almost on the verge of going out multiple times. Arianne uses knotted scissors, stright legged, reverse and seated scissors. All of these proved too much for Bella as she succumbs to the pressure and pain, and gives up. Great scissor showcase by Arianne in this clip.


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