SSG-VC-019 Paige’s Painful Squeeze


joinnow SSG-VC-019 Paige's Painful Squeeze
Paige and Cynara are both dressed in sexy spandex shorts, sports bras, and knee high socks. This one sided scissor domination session is courtesy of Paige. She scissors Cynara and certainly enjoys watching her face change shades of color. Seeing Cynara cringe in pain, was exactly what Paige wanted. Paige’s reverse straight legged and figure four scissor has Cynara struggling to even see straight. Her thighs are shaped like chiseled steel, and once Cynara is trapped between them, there is no escape. Watch Cynara writhe in pain as Paige locks on multiple scissors.

photoset SSG-VC-019 Paige's Painful Squeeze



One Comment
  1. workforit20 says:

    Cynara is very tough!! I saw it in Cynara’s face though when Paige’s toned thighs and butt combo constricted her head in multiple reverse headscissors. All the rest nothing Cynara couldn’t handle. Cynara came back with the stronger scissors in PT 2!!