SSG-VC-103 Jeans Scissor Showdown


SSG-VC-103 Jeans Scissor Showdown This match pits the sexy and talented Sara Brooke against the powerhouse Paige in an all out scissor battle fight to the finish. Sara is very skilled and certainly will not go down without a good fight. Paige plans on giving her that fight. Paige has immensely strong thighs, that has to tackle Sara’s will power to not tap out. Throughout this clip you will see these girls struggle to put on headscissors, but once they are locked on their faces tell the whole story of true pain. Sara made Paige tap a few times with some trach scissors, but Paige was set on making a good comeback. Both Sara and Paige were becoming exhausted and Paige manages to clamp on a  well executed reverse head scissor on Sara. Paige begins to squeeze pouring on the pressure around Sara’s neck. Knowing that Sara could not escape, Paige continues to squeeze holding the scissor until Sara actually goes out. Paige could not be more proud of defeating Sara, actually putting her out in this all out topless jeans scissor match. Paige hovers above her now out cold opponent posing victoriously smiling.


SSG-VC-103 Jeans Scissor Showdown.