SSG-VC-184 Neon Retro Headscissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-184 Neon Retro Headscissors


SSG-VC-184 Neon Retro Headscissors  Eve is a tough young woman who never backs down from any challenge. She steps out today dressed in her retro neon spandex shorts, top and wristbands all warmed up ready to showcase her lethal leg power. She is set to perform 5 two minute scissor holds on chadam and make him squirm like a little bitch between her thighs. Her first scissor was a knotted figure four. His head was trapped perfectly in her strong thighs, and man, his face actually went purple each time she hammered down the scissor. Not even a minute in chadam was seeing more than just stars as he fought from going out. The last minute in this hold he barely was able to hang on before the time was up.


SSG-VC-184 Neon Retro Scissors.