SSG-VC-150 Military Scissor Brats Dual KO

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-150 Military Scissor Brats Dual KO

SSG-VC-150 Military Scissor Brats Dual KO Today we feature Aubrey taking on her larger sized opponent Kiera. This is a scissors only challenge and Aubrey has her work cut out for her as Kiera is rather strong, and her thighs are very powerful. As they start, Aubrey and Kiera fight for the upper hand and collide down onto the mats. Aubrey manages to take the top, and struggles to get Kiera under control. As she finally subdues Kiera she keeps her in a tight schoolgirl pin, then rolls into her first headscissor, making Kiera tap rather quickly. Kiera lets out small yelps as Aubrey hammers down with the squeezing. Aubrey grabs one of Kiera’s free arms, pulls it up to her head and says “come on, pet me bitch, PET ME” as she strokes her hair with Kiera’s hand.  Now Kiera is getting upset, and with her other hand she manages to get it between Aubrey’s thighs in her crotch and squeezes making Aubrey loosen and nearly let go of the hold. It was just enough for Kiera to find her way out, as she now climbs her way on top of Aubrey. Kiera then quickly slips Aubrey into a body scissor locking on a tight squeeze as Aubrey screams out in pain and taps. Kiera rolls Aubrey onto her back and slides up her into a schoolgirl pin. Grabbing Aubrey’s arms, Kiera falls to the side, snapping her thighs around Aubrey neck and applying a very tight headscissor. One that was so tight Aubrey’s face went red and she tapped fast in it. Kiera keeps Aubrey in this hold, and delivers a few good squeezes, and verbally taunts her smaller opponent now as she is trapped in her thighs. Aubrey has quite the little temper on her, and clearly she was getting upset, as Kiera taunted her, Aubrey manages to escape. In a blink of an eye, Aubrey mounts Kiera in a reverse pin, shakes her ass in her face, then gets Kiera in a reverse figure four. Just as she was locking it on, Kiera said “get your ass out of my face”…but then it became muffled. Aubrey then retorts back saying ” can’t hear you, your mouth is in my ass” as Aubrey pulls her face deeper into her butt. Aubrey then grabs her ankle, and cranks on the figure four, as Kiera fights to break free. Aubrey falls to her side, still keeping Kiera trapped in her figure four, making Kiera tap constantly. As Kiera keeps fighting, she breaks free and decides to give Aubrey a taste of her own medicine. Getting Aubrey into a reverse pin, she hooks her head, and uses a weird style figure four, but this one looks very painful and neck wrenching. As Kiera applies the squeeze, Aubrey actually squeals out in pain, slapping Kiera’s ass. This happens multiple times before Aubrey is able to escape, grabbing Kiera and getting behind her. Aubrey wraps her legs around Kiera’s neck using a straight leg scissor, pulls her arms up removing leverage and begins squeezing. Kiera can feel Aubrey’s muscular quads wrapped around her neck as she taps quite a few times, before Aubrey changes it into a figure four. Digging her calf in under Kiera’s chin, Aubrey grabs her legs and tightens it now. Kiera has no choice but to tap as she can’t breathe, and fights hard to get out. The fight payed off, as she slides out, turns to face Aubrey grabs her leg and drags her on the mat whipping her onto her stomach, then jumps on her back. Aubrey was shocked as Kiera then sits on the back of Aubrey neck and rolls, executing the identical scissor Aubrey just had her in. Kiera then says it’s getting even time. Aubrey is losing her temper now as she fights hard to get out, but has no choice but to tap from the pain. Aubrey manages to get her arm between Kiera’s legs and pry’s herself free. She jumps on Kiera, then literally drags her half way across the mats before jumping on her in a tight pin. the verbal taunts and insults continue to fly as Aubrey rolls to her side, then her back, landing Kiera in a forward figure four. Aubrey keeps it locked on, and changes from that to a straight leg scissor, to keep the pressure on Kiera. Kiera slides out of the hold, and fights her way back on top to get Aubrey in another schoolgirl pin to keep her under control. Kiera manages to get a leg under Aubrey’s head, and gets her into an extremely tight seated scissor/smother hold. With Aubrey tapping alot, Kiera thought she was near done for. Aubrey lifts up and actually breaks the hold, sending Kiera crashing to the mats, Aubrey lightning fast right on top of her. Aubrey spins around fast and gets on a figure four so painful, she almost snaps Kiera’s neck as she rolls out and to her side. Kiera was moaning in pain, as Aubrey keeps the pressure on. the insults really fly now, as Kiera struggles harder to get out. Kiera catches Aubrey off guard and manages to get her into a headscissor. Now we have a dual headscissor going on, and it will be a fight to the finish. both girls tap, but neither seem to loosen nor let go, and it looks like neither one of their stubbornness pays off. As both girls continue to tap, both run out of air, and time, as they both go limp in each others scissors. When they both come to, they are for sure going to want a rematch to see who is better.

photoset SSG-VC-150 Military Scissor Brats Dual KO


SSG-VC-150 Military Scissor Brats Dual KO.

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  1. yizpwp says:

    I’d be very interested to see the extended video of them coming to…

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