SSG-VC-078- Sinister Scissor Revenge

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SSG-VC-078- Sinister Scissor Revenge  Cynara has wanted a rematch with Paige for quite some time, now she has her opportunity. Paige beat her pretty badly in their last headscissor match. This time Cynara was not going to show any mercy on Paige if she was able to over power her. That is exactly what she set out to do, and accomplishes just that. With technically applied headscissors, Cynara works over Paige with neck wrenching, head popping squeezes. Most of these scissors leave Paige nearly breathless, and exhausted her rather quickly. You can see the shade of red against Cynara’s white shorts of Paige’s face. Cynara was out to inflict pain and damage in this clip, and we are pretty sure she delivered.

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SSG-VC-078 member clip.

  1. workforit20 says:

    Tough decision after watching both headscissor matches between Cynara and Paige. In my opinion Cynara took the win (rematch) for having the stronger scissor. Cynara’s head popping thigh scissors turn Paige’s head red immediately upon squeeze.

  2. maggotdrowner59 says:

    She’s got thighs like a python!