SSG-VC-094 Kiera The Neck Crusher


SSG-VC-094 Kiera The Neck Crusher  Kiera gets the chance to work over her cute little crush, Bella. Kiera is on a long line of girls who all have small crushes on Bella, and she indeed likes to make Bella suffer between her thighs. the more pain she inflicts on her, the more Kiera gets a sexual rush from it. In one of the scissors she has Bella in, was a standing one, she pulls hard on Bella’s hair and squeezes with great force, biting her lip, loving every minute of it. Bella does more than just wince in pain, she yelps, and taps repeatedly as Kiera’s thighs proved to be too powerful for Bella to handle. Watch Kiera literally destroy Bella with a multitude of head scissors.

photoset SSG-VC-094 Kiera The Neck Crusher


SSG-VC-094 Kiera The Neck Crusher.