SSG-VC-091 Trapped In Sunshine’s Grip

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-091 Trapped In Sunshine's Grip

photoset SSG-VC-091 Trapped In Sunshine's Grip


SSG-VC-091 member clip.


SSG-VC-091 Trapped In Sunshine’s Grip Bella and Sunshine meet for the first time here to do a scissor video. Bella was rather amped up, as Sunshine was full of energy. Bella was first to dominate Sunshine and locks on a side control headlock armbar. From there Bella works her over with seated scissors, choking reverse, and figure fours. Thinking that Sunshine would not be able to handle the pressure, Bella was sure in the lead. Sunshine though did not go down without a fight, and manages to escape, only to put Bella through the same excruciating holds. From a side control headlock, to seated and reverse scissors, Bella was certainly feeling the burn on her neck. Sunshine was sure not to stop cranking on the pain, and continued to dominate Bella with intricate scissors that she could not escape from. Her knotted scissors shows her flexibility for sure. Bella will sure not underestimate Sunshine’s power after this match.

One Comment
  1. Nate says:

    Sunshine Tampa has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful Topless & in Thong Panties & i absolutely love her Figure 4 Reverse Headscissor on Bella!

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