SSG-VC-112 Blonde Scissor Inflictor


Madison came to us with zero experience and with minimal training what she could do on the mats is rather shocking. Her first fem fem challenger was Mariella. Well Mariella was tossed around, pinned, and scissored over and over under Madison’s complete control. From one scissor to the next, you swear Madison had prior training on the mats. She was a natural, and Mariella was not too happy. Mariella beat her with experience, but Madison just toyed with Mariella. Not only was Mariella squeezed and made to be Madison’s little bitch, she was verbally humiliated. There was no come back’s good enough for Mariella in which Madison easily retorted back, while keeping Mariella trapped between her thighs. Madison’s scissors were done with perfect form, and she did not lack power either. With her smaller fit thighs they were the perfect fot around Mariella’s long neck. Calf chokes, straight leg, forward and reverse, Madison shows us what her true mat skills really were. Another hot blonde showcasing her assets, scissor style.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-112 Blonde Scissor Inflictor


SSG-VC-112 Blonde Scissor Inflictor.