SSG-VC-059 Ariel’s Sadistic Squeeze


joinnow SSG-VC-059 Ariel's Sadistic Squeeze
Ariel looks absolutely stunning dressed in her mermaid style skin tight spandex pants, and top. Paige is set to take her on and what is in store for Paige she will not like. Ariel has very strong scissors and loves to clamp them around her opponents neck and squeeeze. She traps Paige in multiple styles of headscissors, each one leaving Paige in a state of disarray. With each scissor Paige winds up getting weaker and weaker, unable to break free from Ariel’s firm grip. Some of the scissors that Ariel applies are intense and quite brutal. She has a mean streak in her when it comes to making Paige suffer. Ariel easily transitions from forward to reverse scissors making Paige tap a multitude of times. Paige ends up on her stomach, Ariel locking her ankles and legs, all the while scissoring Paige until she finally quits, leaving Paige in a mess on the mats.

photoset SSG-VC-059 Ariel's Sadistic Squeeze


SSG-VC-059 member clip.