SSG-VC-108 Little Blonde Squeeze


1x1-pixel SSG-VC-108 Little Blonde Squeeze


SSG-VC-108 Little Blonde Squeeze  Mia takes on her little blonde adversary in this clip. All to Mia’s knowledge this girl is capable of rolling with the best of them. Size is of no issue when it comes to Roxy, and Mia was quick to judge roxy strictly on appearance. Mia found out that Roxy was rather strong and one tough girl. Roxy’s smaller legs fit perfectly around Mia’s neck, and once a scissor was applied, Mia found no escape, other than to tap out. Now Mia was able to finally lock on a few good scissors herself, but Roxy found herself not tapping out nearly as often as Mia. All in all, this clip was a great one, and Roxy certainly proved that being smaller was not in Mia’s best interest.


SSG-VC-108 Little Blonde Squeeze.