SSG-VC-194 Ravens Headscissor Compilation 2


1x1-pixel SSG-VC-194 Ravens Headscissor Compilation 2


SSG-VC-194 Ravens Headscissor Compilation 2  Here is the second part of Raven and Bella featuring scissors only from 2 separate matches they did. Raven has thick muscular thighs made of steel, once trapped between them her opponents have little to no chance of escaping. Bella gets caught in a variety of very painful and contorted scissors that Raven dishes out multiple times. Even wearing jeans, you can still see Raven’s perfect build as her jeans cling tightly to her thighs, them wrapped around Bella’s neck.  Bella has a high tolerance for pain, but when going against Raven, that gets put to the test, and fails. That is more than evident in this clip as Raven demolishes Bella over and over with her extensive array of headscissors, all delivered with precise accuracy and maximum pain infliction.


SSG-VC-194 Ravens Scissor Compilation 2.

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  1. Ricardo says:

    Raven Wild is the best that i’ve e ever seen until now👍👍.