SSG-VC-176 3 Tap Competitive Headscissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-176 3 Tap Competitive Headscissors

SSG-VC-176 3 Tap Competitive Headscissors   Arianne and Paige really go at it in this 3 tap head scissor showdown. Both dressed in their sporty style outfits, they are prepared to wreak havoc on each other using only headscissors. This match is fairly even throughout with each girl gaining submissions. We see them use seated, reverse, figure fours, and many more. They pour on the pressure each scissor they apply, making the other girls face turn sometimes more than beat red. Arianne scores an amazing reverse trach scissor from a reverse pin, catching Paige off guard as she gets immediate tap outs. Paige has those thick muscular thighs that engulf Arianne’s head as once caught in them, there is no escape. They really hammer on some pretty intense scissors, both fighting the pain, being stubborn not wanting to tap. The action flies all over the mats as they toss one another around vying for that headscissor submission. This is quite a showcase of two girls who are skillful at applying just about any head scissor you can imagine. One match worth the watch. You will have to carefully watch to see who gets the most taps.


SSG-VC-176 3 Tap Competitive Headscissors.