SSG-VC-051 Lethal Leather Squeeze


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SSG-VC-051 Lethal Leather Squeeze   Rosalei and Bella go head to head dressed in their sexy revealing skin tight leather outfits and tall boots. This scissor session is sexy, alluring and appealing in every way. Bella manages to get the upper hand on Rosalei with a standing scissor, then they both soon fall to the mats, Rosalei’s head trapped in Bella’s scissors. You can see Rosalei’s face turn beat red from the pressure, as she fights to break free. Once Rosalei escapes she retaliates with her very own barrage of headscissors that have Bella in serious trouble. There are multiple style of scissors applied including reverse standing scissors, figure four’s, straight legged, and more. Rosalei did not take it easy on Bella, and by the end of this clip, Bella was completely defeated, exhausted and most of all crushed. Rosalei shows her sheer domination throughout this clip, squeezing Bella into absolute mercy.

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