SSG-VC-246 Bedroom Headscissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-246 Bedroom Headscissors


SSG-VC-246 Bedroom Headscissors  This was a custom shot assassin style scissor video. Chadam was sneaking into the bedroom , quietly as Mariella slept. He manages to get her hands tied behind her back, and just as she woke up, she noticed her hands were tied. She quickly reaches out her long legs and wraps them around his head pulling him down into a scissor. From there she slowly broke him down, squeeze by squeeze, making him suffer in her strong powerful thighs. With every squeeze you can see him getting weaker and weaker. By the end she uses her feet and puts them around his neck, securing her feet tight. With one quick motion she jolts his head to the side, ending it all. She releases her ties and checks his pulse. Mission complete.


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