SSG-VC-147 Ebony Scissor Attack

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-147 Ebony Scissor Attack

SSG-VC-147 Ebony Scissor Attack   Velvet and Chadam set the stage for this scissor increment clip. Velvet is dressed in her cute comicon super man two piece bathing suit. Velvet cranks up the scissors using various headscissors and applying them full force, making chadam endure as much pain as possible. She locks on a reverse figure four and has it on extremely tight, and even pushes on the back of his head to add even more unbearable pressure. Each scissor lasts 2 minutes, and in some of the scissors we are sure chadam was seeing stars, if not near going out. Velvet shows no mercy, and in fact enjoyed squeezing every last ounce of oxygen from chadam. Velvet uses an interesting figure four, as chadam was on his knees, Velvet laying on her back. She was able to crank on more pressure that way, to the point fear was written all over chadam’s face, his eyes huge with sheer fear. Velvet’s reverse figure four was as tight as can be, his chin buried in her ass, working the inner part of her thighs to get him to squirm and tap out. Velvet was vicious, and dominated chadam over and over with her scissors, inflicting maximum pain. Chadam was more than happy to have this clip end, his neck will be suffering for days to come after this clip. We have seen Velvet be unforgiving, but not to this degree.


SSG-VC-147 Ebony Scissor Attack.

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