SSG-VC-261 Squeezed To Sleep

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-261 Squeezed To Sleep

SSG-VC-261 Squeezed To Sleep  Arianne possesses superb wrestling skills on the mats. Not to mention she loves to trash talk and humiliate her opponents. Chadam is literally in a fight for his life as Arianne uses him as her scissor victim placing scissor after scissor on him. From straight leg scissors, to smothering ones, he stands no chance of surviving this. Arianne smiles and trash talks him as she dominates throughout the clip.

Right up until the bitter end, Chadam unfortunately had nothing left in him to fight with, and Arianne puts his lights out once and for all. Ending this clip with a true KO. Chadam suffered some pretty intense headscissors in this clip, and we are sure he will feel the pain of this for the next week to come.

  1. alvin says:

    Bring Arianne back!

  2. Steyn says:

    Do you offer a higher resolution version of this video?

  3. Jim says:

    Great video. Feel bad about the jobber getting KOed but its so hot!