SSG-VC-153 Thighs Of Steel


1x1-pixel SSG-VC-153 Thighs Of Steel

SSG-VC-153 Thighs Of Steel  Rosalei was quick to show chadam that blondes, can and do have more fun. She encases his head deep in her tight muscular thighs and shows him her true power and strength. With his face turning all shades of multiple colors, it was not long before chadam realized that she possess the sheer strength to put him out whenever she wanted. But Rosalei decided that it was best to have him awake so she could use multiple scissors on him, and watch his pain and suffering throughout the clip. Rosalei used reverse straight leg, forward scissors,  just to name a few. She enjoyed the forward one the best, this way she got to see his face as he suffers in pain the harder she squeezed. Rosalei has an innocence about her, but deep down inside she craves unleashing her sadistic side too.


SSG-VC-153 Thighs Of Steel.