SSG-PS-003 The Sexy Squeeze

SSG-PS-003 The Sexy Squeeze  These photos are from one of Rosalei’s very first matches against Paige. Even though Paige is slighter bigger than Rosalei, little did Paige know Rosalei’s hidden strength, her legs. Rosalei was a powerhouse with her headscissors, setting in total confusion for Paige. Each time Paige thinks she has Rosalei where she wants her, she escapes. Rosalei clamped down on Paige’s neck and bang, just like that made her tap. Paige was in a world of hurt and in trouble now as she could not escape. Rosalei even traps Paige’s arm in between her legs and causes twice the pain and intense pressure, forcing Paige to angrily tap out a bunch of times. No matter what Paige did, Rosalei was able to easily counter her moves and Paige winds up between Rosalei’s thighs again and again. This match actually ended with a very exhausted, winded and angry Paige. Rosalei wins her first fem fem match against Paige, and removes Paige’s hopes to make any sort of come back.



  1. workforit20 says:

    Can this video match be released next?