SSG-PS-054 Tatiana’s Tight Squeeze

Tatiana’s Tight Squeeze – This picture set features the sexy Tatiana taking on Mia. Tatiana is small but makes up for it with superior leg power. Mia ends up on the bottom, trapped the majority of the time in Tatiana’s scissors. From figure four’s, to straight legged, and even seated scissors, Tatiana ruled the mats. Even when Tatiana was down and Mia was on top, She still managed to control Mia and trap her in a beautiful scissor. these pics are from all their previous matches, sexy lingerie, to catfight, and even topless, these pics have it all. Tatiana looks absolutely stunning in all of thee pics, as she dominates and totally humiliates her rival, Mia. Looks like poor Mia did not stand a fighting chance against her smaller rival after all. She was put to shame, and squeezed into submission multiple times.


One Comment
  1. Nate says:

    Tatiana has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in that sexy lingerie & I absolutely love the way that she dominate’s Mia in her Figure 4,Straight Legged,Seated Scissors