SSG-PS-005 Double Trouble Challenge

SSG-PS-005 Double Trouble Challenge   Bella was totally set on proving her skills, strength and domination style in this clip. She decided to take on two challengers at once. chadam, and Mia. Bella was out to prove herself, and she wrecked havoc along the way in this clip. Bella showed no mercy to either opponent, and was cruel in her dealings. Bella knew this was not going to be easy, but once she started, there was no stopping her. Bella’s leg power is phenomenal, as she trapped both Mia and chadam separate times and put them both out, literally with her scissors. She would entrap one opponent in a hold, and the other with another agonizing hold. At one point, Mia was out and Bella draped her body across chadam, while choking him with Mia’s own arm. She breast smothered Mia while squeezing out chadam in a reverse headscissor, then switched. Bella would trap Mia in a facesit, while using hand over mouth smothering on chadam. Bella certainly keeps this clip very entertaining, and puts Mia and chadam out numerous times, with multiple holds. Bella may be small, but she is tough, and demonstrated sheer domination spending close to 20 min overpowering Mia and chadam. Closing for the end of the clip she was posing on top of both now limp opponents, celebrating her victory.