SSG-PS-012 Tori vs Chadam Set 2

Tori is a small framed girl, but she packs a lot of muscle and definition. This petite powerhouse can deliver some mind blowing holds and locks, demonstrated here on chadam. Her speed is lightning quick, and her scissors are forever damaging. Once she clamps on those perfectly shaped thighs, its tap out time for chadam. She uses knotted figure fours that have chadam writhing in pain. Panic sets in numerous times as he taps almost on the brink of having his lights shut off. Tori has her creative ways of scissoring, and with minimal training this girl is lethal in many ways. Grappling chadam she over takes him on the mats and before he knew it he was tapping out in her scissors. Just seeing her thighs locked around his neck is superb. Tori is out for the win, and nothing will stand in this girls way to achieve that.