SSG-PS-056 Dual Scissor Thrashing

Dual Scissor Thrashing – Cynara, Julian and Mia go all out in this photoset from their matches. In 2 of their matches, Juliana and Mia team up to go against their amazon opponent. Cynara tries her best to defend herself, but finds herself trapped in double scissors, both body and head. The two girls strategically break her down, taking all the fight out of her. Mia and Juliana finally become victorious over Cynara beating and scissoring her into submission. the last clip they did together, Cynara was ready this time, and had a plan of attack. Mia and Juliana now find themselves at the mercy of Cynara, as she traps them both down in a headscissor. Cynara locks them both down squeezing them under each one of her powerful thighs, keeping them pinned down. She would pin one girl in a seated scissor, while keeping the other in a neck crushing headlock. Both girls are shocked, not to mention completely dominated and humiliated by the strong amazon.