SSG-VC-141 Sexy Grappling Scissors


SSG-VC-141 Sexy Grappling Scissors  Maxxi and Bella hit the mats, and not only is Maxxi drop dead gorgeous but she is skilled as well. Maxxi shows small tough girl Bella a thing or two as Maxxi and Bella were both dressed in their grappling Gi’s. she manhandles Bella with ease trapping her in seated scissors, forward and reverse scissors as well. Maxxi’s legs are a force to be reckoned with as they easily break down the smaller Bella. Maxxi also took advantage of her Gi belt and utilizes that in the match as she ties Bella’s arms behind her back with them. Using various headscissors and seated scissor / armbars, Bella was growing rather weak. Maxxi rips off Bella’s gi belt then ties Bella’s feet together, completely immobilizing her, taking her ability to defend herself away. Maxxi rolls Bella onto her back, turns into reverse and dominates Bella with reverse facesitting. All tied up, no where to go, no way to fight back, Bella was done. Leaving Maxxi to gloat and celebrate her victorious win over Bella standing up flexing putting her foot on Bella posing over her.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-141 Sexy Grappling Scissors


SSG-VC-141 Sexy Grappling Scissors.