SSG-VC-235 Alpha Fem Headscissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-235 Alpha Fem Headscissors



SSG-VC-235 Alpha Fem Headscissors  Arianne and Kiera clash in this clip to see who is the ultimate scissor goddess. There is a lot on the line, ego’s and bragging rights. Kiera gets the jump off on the take down, and traps Arianne in a forward scissor gaining the taps she needed. Arianne was not going to go down without a fight and comes back with her own straight leg reverse, sinking in a deep thigh squeeze really making Kiera feel the squeeze. Kiera was quick to counter and actually reverse the hold, now Arianne is stuck in a reverse straight leg scissor, with Kiera scoring all the points to secure that fall.

Arianne certainly has her work cut out for her, as Kiera is extremely strong, and is hard to submit. She manages to get a forward straight leg scissor locked on, and really had a fight on her hands to get Kiera to tap, but she manages. They trade scissors back and fourth including some uniquely painful ones. It looks as though Kiera is getting the upper hand in points, and Arianne had no choice but to cheat, using facesits, and hand over mouth smothering. Kiera was not having any of that as she continually attacks Arianne, scissor after scissor. Kiera even manages to escape a few good scissors Arianne put on, and reversed them, getting Arianne in some very compromising positions, still scoring taps.

All in all, this match was quite the battle of scissors, wits and strength, but one girl really prevailed and certainly earned her bragging rights on the mats.


SSG-VC-235 Alpha Fem Scissors.