SSG-VC-158 Sexy Interracial Headscissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-158 Sexy Interracial Headscissors

SSG-VC-158 Sexy Interracial Headscissors  In this clip we feature Velvet taking on tough girl Aubrey in a scissor showdown. Each girl is allowed to use their scissor of choice to inflict as much pain as possible for 2 min at a time.  Aubrey starts off with a knotted figure four that was latched on pretty tight around Velvet’s neck. Velvet’s facial expressions showed that she was in pain. Aubrey showed no mercy on Velvet, just as Velvet showed Aubrey no mercy when it was her turn. Velvet applied a straight leg scissor, Aubrey’s face near buried in Velvet’s butt, stuck in her thick black thighs. Aubrey got a dose of her own medicine when it came to Velvet inflicting the same amount of force. Velvet also used a seated scissor combined with hand over mouth to really make Aubrey suffer. She also uses a standing headscissor pulling Aubrey’s hair as she closes her thighs tightly around her neck. Aubrey uses a reverse straight leg, and as she squeezes it pulls Velvet’s face deeper into her thighs and ass. Aubrey got onto her stomach and so did Velvet. Aubrey then backs herself up and literally buried Velvet’s face in her ass while she locked on a reverse style smothering figure four. You can hear Velvet gasp for air, and moan as Aubrey poured on the pressure. This was a great test of power, and endurance as each girl does the best she can to really amp up the pain on one another. This interracial scissor battle will leave you wanting more.


SSG-VC-158 Sexy Interracial Headscissors.