SSG-VC-291 Schoolgirl Ragdoll

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-291 Schoolgirl Ragdoll

SSG-VC-291 Schoolgirl Ragdoll  Bella gets a real dose of pain in this clip. Bella dressed in her schoolgirl uniform, and Arianne in full jiu jitsu attire, Arianne uses some amazingly painful holds on Bella. From arm bars, to head scissors, and combination holds, each one that Arianne locked on, usually netted a good scream from Bella. Arianne was graceful at applying each hold, making sure to squeeze or pull hard for maximum pressure and effectiveness.

At the end, Bella was drawn of all her strength, and had zero ability to fight back at all. This was the opportune time for Arianne to finish Bella completely off. Arianne gets Bella to her feet, and uses a nasty judo hip toss, sending Bella into the air, and crashing onto the mats landing with a huge thud. It was all over for Bella.