SSG-VC-093 – Scissor Cheaters

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SSG-VC-093 – Scissor Cheaters Paige and Bella are both superior scissor goddesses and now pairing them up to see who comes out on top with the most powerful legs. They are both eager for the win, and in this clip, they also use various cheat tactics to break one another down. Paige is beefy and uses brute strength, while Bella is strategic and strong. They both lock on side control headlocks, squeezing out taps with that alone, then move into their various scissors. Paige has a power grip as she snakes her legs around Bella’s neck, looking back with each squeeze watching Bella’s face turn purple. Bella is quick to retaliate with her own signature squeezes. Paige and Bella  step it up another notch and both use facesits, depriving each other of air trying to see who will grow weaker faster. With the exchanging of scissors, this match was close, Paige and Bella were using all their mustered up strength to win.  With reverse straight leg, figure four headscissors, their necks were taking a beating. Within the final stages of this match, one girl is unable to escape their captor’s grasp, as has to succumb to being beaten, left to hang her head in shame upset at her loss.



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