SSG-VC-143 Squeezed And Choked


SSG-VC-143 Squeezed And Choked  In this clip you will see the sheer aggression that Bella possess as she tears into Mia. Although Mia is tough, she can handle a lot of pain, and fights back hard against Bella. Mia does what she can with all her strength to over power Bella, but that is a seemingly impossible task. A few times it looked as though she was going to over take her, but Bella staying calm, manages to trap Mia in some very painful and neck wrenching holds. With seated scissors, Mia was nearly KO’d a few times, and Bella did not take it easy with her other holds. Mia falls victim to Bella’s intense rear naked chokehold that had her wincing in pain as Bella cranks it on tight and hard. Mia uses her legs to fight her way out of some holds, only to find herself right back in between Bella’s rock hard thighs. As the sweat pours off Bella, she manages to get behind Mia and wrap her vice like grip around Mia’s head also trapping her arm in there as well. Mia was finished and all the fight was merely drained from her. With no way out, and on the brink of going out, she had to surrender to her smaller more vicious opponent, leaving Bella the true victor of this intense clip.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-143 Squeezed And Choked


SSG-VC-143 Squeezed And Choked.