SSG-VC-157 Brazen Headscissor K.O

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-157 Brazen Headscissor K.O

SSG-VC-157 Brazen Headscissor K.O  Arianne loves to scissor, in fact she has one of the best reverse straight leg scissors. Her legs are powerful, and can be quite intimidating to say the least. In this clip she puts chadam through 2 min increments in multiple scissors. Each scissor brings him a world of pain as Arianne wraps her muscular thighs around his neck. In most of the scissors his face gets redder than the mats themselves. Of course, Arianne has no filter on her mouth and verbally taunts him while laughing at his pathetically trapped face between her legs. Her scissoring is dangerous, and inflicts pain that can last for days after. Arianne’s straight leg scissor are devastating as you can see from chadam’s face that is smashed up in her thighs, face redder than a tomato. It seems her outfit has a lot to do with her personality on the mats, she is wearing skull finger socks and on the back says fuck you. Well Arianne’s last scissor proved to be her most detrimental one, as Chadam was tapping she was like “naw fuck you and fuck off” and she cranked on the headscissor at like 110%. Chadam’s eyes bulged out of his head, unable to even breathe, he goes out, hard.  Arianne is done punishing this guy now. Another spectacular clip with Arianne.


SSG-VC-157 Brazen Scissor KO.

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