SSG-VC-128 Blind Date gone Wrong


SSG-VC-128 Blind Date gone Wrong  Chris meets up with Bella for a blind date. Well Chris is a bit too cocky for his own good. He thinks woman are not that strong, and especially Bella. Well they take it downstairs into Bella’s training room where they lay down and get ready to arm wrestle, after the challenge was accepted to do it. Chris was quite shocked to feel the power of Bella’s arms, as she slowly slams his wrist to the mats. Not happy about that at all Chris lunges at Bella only to be taken down. Bella gives Chris a real dose of rear naked chokes, hand over mouth smothering and more. Slowly Chris is breaking down losing his strength.  Bella decided to do him in for making fun of woman, and locks on a superbly tight rear naked choke. She keeps him in it, feeling him struggle until he goes completely limp. Guess Chris will watch his mouth next time on a first time date.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-128 Blind Date gone Wrong


SSG-VC-128 Blind Date gone Wrong.