SSG-VC-197 Sweet Headscissor Defeat

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-197 Sweet Headscissor Defeat

SSG-VC-197 Sweet Headscissor Defeat  Chris is in a world of trouble when Arianne steps onto the mats dressed in her sexy boots outfit to match. Little did Chris know he was going to suffer at the hands of Arianne’s powerful quads. She uses a multitude of amazingly powerful and bone crushing scissors to wear him out. Her reverse scissor is top notch as her leather boots accentuate her toned and muscular thighs as she tightens her grip around Chris’s neck. Arianne’s variety of scissors including her straight leg, were all executed with precise perfection. Chris’s face turning beat red ample times, his eyes wanting to just close and drift off, but he stays alert, barely. Arianne LOVES her scissors, people trapped in them can’t say the same. Chris doesn’t know why he keeps subjecting himself to this punishment, but Arianne is always game for destroying his manhood, scissor style of course.


SSG-VC-197 Sweet Headscissor Defeat.

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