SSG-VC-251 Scissored Smothered and Taped

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-251 Scissored Smothered and Taped

SSG-VC-251 Scissored Smothered and Taped  Eve gets the raw end of this deal with Arianne completely taking control. Eve talks a big game and Arianne wants to put a stop to it now. Eve gets trapped in Arianne’s dangerous head scissors in many different ways. Eve shows nothing but fear on her face in most of the head scissors as she is squeezed time and time again.


Not only does Arianne destroy Eve with scissors, she gets facesat, and for her finishing humiliation, duct taped. Arianne puts a strip of tape over Eve’s mouth so she can’t talk nor scream, and binds her hands together with it. Eve is now helpless as Arianne verbally bashes her, and stands on her back using her like a surf board. Eve was left tied on the mats cowering from Arianne, which we are sure Eve will want some sort of vengeance against her for this.