SSG-VC-222 Aubrey the Face Crusher

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-222 Aubrey the Face Crusher



SSG-VC-222 Aubrey the Face Crusher  Aubrey had in the back of her mind when Eve destroyed her for the lightweight belt, and is now plotting her revenge. As they begin, Eve had no time to react as Aubrey rushes her and brings her down. Before she could blink, Aubrey already had her in a side control arm bar headlock. Eve was already stuck and tapped a few times before Aubrey jumped up into reverse. With her thick unforgiving thighs, she wraps them around Eve’s head and locks on her infamous reverse figure four smother scissor. Aubrey sits back to add tension and pressure on the neck and crushes Eve’s face in her ass cheeks.  After a bit of punishment with the smothering scissors, Aubrey unlocked her legs and planted her ass on Eve’s face to smother her now. Aubrey was just toying with Eve burying her face in her ass over and over. then Aubrey stands up and drags Eve on the mats then jumps onto her chest in forward. She pulls Eve’s head up then lightning quick rolls to her back catching Eve in a straight leg scissor. Aubrey watches as Eve’s face winces in pain from Aubrey’s tight squeeze. She clamps on a figure four making it even tighter on Eve, then rolls to her side switching from figure fours to straight leg.

Aubrey slightly releases her, the rolls Eve onto her back as she slams down onto her chest literally knocking the wind out of her. Sliding up Aubrey goes for a few more long hard facesits, trash talking Eve calling her boring, and hating the fact her toy was all silent and not talking back. Eve probably had good reason not to mouth back to Aubrey she knew she would get punished even worse than she already was. Aubrey rocked back sitting on Eve’s chest and wrapped her legs around Eve’s head in a seated straight leg scissor. Eve’s face was squished between Aubrey’s thighs, no where to go. Aubrey then rolls again to her side, keeping Eve’s head locked in, then slaps her ass as Eve was trying to get out. Aubrey just layed on her side, working over Eve with neck crushing scissors. As Eve was struggling to break out, Aubrey simply rolled back on top and had a seated scissor choke on now. Eve was getting wore out from the combination of scissors and facesits, as Aubrey climbs back onto her face again to dish out more facesitting. Aubrey told Eve she better tap with her feet or she will not get off her face, and Eve did just that. Then Aubrey kept switching it, telling her to use her hands, then her feet, all while she was smothering Eve. Aubrey was getting off punishing Eve, feeling confident and very dominant. for her finale, Aubrey switches to reverse and lays on a mean reverse straight leg head scissor. Then she rolls to her side after a few taps and really starts to hammer on the squeezing. She asks Eve if she quits and each time Eve tapped Aubrey barely released and just kept going harder and harder until finally Eve succumbs to the scissors and yelps out her “I Quit” to Aubrey. Aubrey just kicks her away and poses on the mats, while Eve was doing what she could to re compose herself.


SSG-VC-222 Aubrey the Face Crusher.

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  1. workforit20 says:

    1 year ago this was the turn out. Eve totally smothered Aubrey in the recent match on CPL Wrestling. Eve’s Smothers and scissors are way more powerful!! Eve on top over Aubrey anyday.