SSG-VC-152 Leather And Lace Scissors

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-152 Leather And Lace Scissors

SSG-VC-152 Leather And Lace Scissors  In this sexy clip you get to witness the power and strength from two of our very popular girls, Harley, and Arianne. Now Harley is dressed in sexy skin tight leather pants, while Arianne is dressed in a black tight one piece and knee high lacy pantyhose. This was a battle of endurance as each girl has 2 min to perform a scissor and make the other tap as many times as she can. They apply maximum pressure with standing scissors, reverse straight leg, knotted figure fours, and more. Harley stepped up her game this time really pouring on the pressure to Arianne. As they take themselves through all the scissors, it was not hard to tell wht girl was losing steam. Harley also clamped on a face smothering straight leg that had Arianne nearly begging for mercy. They climb into their last hold, a double headscissor, and they fight it out squeeze after squeeze. Arianne then rapidly taps but Harley did not release, only did she just go harder. This actually caused Arianne to go out for real, making this a rare site to see with Arianne being sent to dreamland in a scissor showdown. Harley was more than proud to put the veteran mat wrestler out, sexily flexing her biceps.


SSG-VC-152 Leather And Lace Scissors.

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