SSG-VC-092 Saras Scissor School

SSG-VC-092 Saras Scissor School  Chadam squares off once again with the notoriously strong Sara Lips. Dressed in her black leather boots, plaid schoolgirl skirt, and corset, she is ready to teach Chadam a real lesson in scissoring 101. Once Sara wraps those strong toned legs around his head and begins to squeeze, there is no escaping. Sara takes great pleasure in making sure that every ounce of air and pride is squeezed from his body. From locking on forward, reverse, and side scissors, with each squeeze the pressure builds. You can see chadam’s face turn almost a grey-ish purple, as his eyes light up with horror, having to constantly tap out, or be put out. The pain from her anaconda like grip, rippled through is body, as Sara sexily poses and flexes her amazing physique while squeezing chadam. This was an intense scissor lesson, given by yours truly, Sara Lips. We are pretty sure chadam won’t want to attend this class anymore, especially with Sara as the instructor.


photoset SSG-VC-092 Saras Scissor School


SSG-VC-092 Saras Scissor School.