SSG-VC-201 Eves Headscissor Service

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-201 Eves Headscissor Service


SSG-VC-201 Eves Headscissor Service  Eve is young, tough and loves to dish out humiliation and pain. When Eve clamps on her scissors she knows exactly what muscles on the inside of her legs to flex, making sure her grip is firmly around her victims neck. Eve and chadam wrestle around in this clip as well, but each time Eve takes control she locks on her headscissors and makes chadam wince and squirm in dire pain. Dressed in her skin tight army spandex, they accent all her curves and muscles with each vice like squeeze she applies. Each time he escapes, or they are scrambling for control, Eve simply resorts back to using her strong legs to regain power over chadam. Either she uses reverse headscissors, figure fours, or even smothering figure fours, she controls him every step of the way. Eve has squeezed the life out of chadam and decided to finish him off with a smashing good forward facesit, leaving him devastated on the mats.



SSG-VC-201 Eves Headscissor Service.

photoset SSG-VC-201 Eves Headscissor Service

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