SSG-VC-210 My Thighs Will Destroy You

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-210 My Thighs Will Destroy You



Pam and Arianne meet on the mats for this headscissor match. Arianne knows Pam is bigger than her and her thighs are more powerful but she chooses to go head to head with her regardless. The match starts with Pam already on top of Aubrey, as she falls to her side catching Arianne in a side headscissor. Calling her a bitch, Pam is not even phased by it and just squeezes Arianne’s head instead. Her head is buried deep in Pam’s thighs, engulfing her whole head, literally. She rolls to her back, then Arianne escapes. It fades to Arianne now in a reverse straight leg scissor, trying to break the bigger girl down.Pam uses her weight to roll out of the scissor as the next part fades into Pam getting Arianne into another headscissor. Now on her back, Pam locks on the scissor and applies the pressure to Arianne. Pam changes to a figure four driving Arianne’s face into her crotch as Arianne whimpers in pain. This continues for a bit until Arianne is finally able to break free and applies a forward headscissor laying on her side. She gets a fairly quick tap from Pam, assuming that she was finally wearing her down. Mixing it up between straight leg and figure four’s she thought she had Pam right where she wanted her, until Pam escaped. Now seeking her revenge, Pam uses multiple scissors wearing out Arianne to the brink of exhaustion right to the very end. for added humiliation,after Arianne already said she quit, Pam sits in reverse and shoves Arianne’s face into her ass shaking it on her face, while smothering her. After Arianne taps, Pam valiantly flexes over a winded and defeated Arianne.


SSG-VC-210 My Thighs Will Destroy You.

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