SSG-VC-089 – Slippery Scissors

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SSG-VC-089 – Slippery Scissors  Arianne and Bella both meet in the inflatable pool for this match. They oil each other up, and get ready for a slippery scissor battle. Arianne and Bella both have dangerously strong legs, and are near experts of applying any scissor hold to diminish and destroy opponents. Being in oil makes this quite a challenge to lock on scissors, but it seems that they do it with ease. In fact their scissorholds are put on so tight it certainly changes their shade of color on their faces once the other girls squeezes. With scissor flying everywhere, from forward, to reverse, figure fours, smother reverse, there was no telling who would come out the winner. They both lock on some excellent scissors, and even though they are slicked up, they still make one another tap. The taps were constant, scissors and squeezing, painful. You will even see them fighting for the upper hand with a double headscissor. Both girls grow weak as the intensity of the scissors prove their breaking point. One girl finally gets trapped in a tight reverse figure four, and desperately tries to pry her legs apart, but fails. The scissor becomes over bearing and with no way for escape she submits the match. One proud winner, one sore beaten loser.


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