SSG-VC-203 Captured Headscissor Slave

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-203 Captured Headscissor Slave

Aubrey has Chadam all tied up in the basement as her little fetish slave. As she walks out of the room she proceeds to untie him, as chadam thinks he is free to go. Well Aubrey was just toying with him and began her scissor fury. She gets him in a standing scissor as he tries to run away and says “not gonna happen”, “not today” as she clamps down hard with her thighs. He taps almost instantly as she gradually adds pressure around his neck. You can hear him moaning in pain, as she squeezes harder and harder. Falling to her side now, she uses a straight leg to keep him trapped, while she locks on a grueling tight figure four. Aubrey belittles him, calling him a loser, telling him he’s weak, and gets beat by girls. She degrades and humiliates him while keeping the scissor on nice and tight. Aubrey then transitions into a straight leg, showing him what her powerful thighs can do.From there, she releases him and stands above him while he is on his back. She steps on his arms then jumps right on top of him in a pin, then turns into reverse. Chadam knows whats coming next as he says oh fuck, Aubrey wraps her muscular thighs around his head in a figure four, and buries his face deep in her ass.  Now she pours on the pressure he can’t breathe and her vice like grip is locked around his neck. Aubrey just continually toys with him, making him suffer greatly with her scissors and constant smothering. After wearing chadam down greatly in her signature move, she turns into forward and uses a seated scissor sitting on his throat.  He can already feel the pressure around his neck, and Aubrey tosses in more insults and some hand over mouth smothering. Aubrey then says ” I really want to go hard on you, this isn’t going to cut it”. Grabbing his head she rolls to her back and has his head between her thighs. she gives him a few good squeezes then arches herself up a bit driving his face into her crotch. This time when he was tapping she was not letting him go, his face was sort of a purple-ish shade before he actually goes out. Aubrey releases his head and his face smashes onto the mats, lights clearly out. Aubrey just casually stands up and walks away leaving him there to dream about her.


SSG-VC-203 Captured Scissor Slave.

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