SSG-VC-132 Bait and Switch Gone Wrong


SSG-VC-132 Bait and Switch Gone Wrong  Chadam thought he could trick Rosalei into coming over to have some “fun” with him. He told her he was having a party. Once Rosalei arrived dressed in her pink cocktail skirt, she asked him where all the other people were. He didn’t really answer her, instead he said that it was just himself and her that could “party”. He got closer to her and tried t put his arm around her, but she moved to the other side of him. Chadam tried to do it again, and this time Rosalei got upset and pulled him into a scissor. He was shocked at what she was doing. As he lay helplessly trapped in her thighs she squeezes him relentlessly. She told him what he did was not cool, and that she was going to teach him a lesson. Rosalei uses many different scissor holds to t0rture him with and make him pay for what he pulled. Clearly Rosalei was upset and inflicting pain was her revenge. She also stood up and rammed her foot into his throat choking him, and even threw in a few facesits to smother him with.  Her striaght leg reverse is truly lethal, as his face turns nearly purple from the pressure. But the end of Rosalei’s scissor rampage, Chadam was more than glad to see her leave after having suffered such damaging headscissors. He most certainly will not try to trick Rosalei anymore into coming over.

1x1-pixel SSG-VC-132 Bait and Switch Gone Wrong


SSG-VC-132 Bait and Switch Trick Gone Wrong.