SSG-VC-248 Let Me Hurt You

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-248 Let Me Hurt You

SSG-VC-248 Let Me Hurt You

Bella is the mini sadistic pain inducer. Chris is not so happy having to go against her, especially since he knows just how powerful her scissors are. Bella likes to toy with Chris using rear naked chokes, and even forward neck crushing head locks. You can see the veins pop right out of his head the harder she squeezes with each hold.

Chris also endures her small yet muscular legs wrapped around his mid section, nearly cracking his ribs on more than one occasion. The faces of pain he makes clearly proves that her strength is just too much for him to handle.

Every time he fights to get out of a hold, Bella just manhandles him back into the hold and applies more pressure so he won’t escape.  Bella also resorts to using a reverse seated facesit scissor that has Chris literally fighting for air. Chris fought extra hard in this clip, but Bella using all sorts of head and body scissors, rear naked chokes, and air depriving head locks, he was not going to win this one. As they line up to face off nearing the end, Bella wipes her sweat all over Chris as a distraction, and as they lock up, he falls into her body scissor.

Bella squeezes so hard Chris screams, unable to break her legs apart. Bella’s last scissor was a side scissor that had Chris tap fairly easy in. Then Bella gets on top of him, and for one last moment of humiliation she makes him tap in a facesit. To rub salt in his wounds, she then again wipes all of her sweat on his face, flexes then trash talks him until the camera goes off.


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