SSG-VC-104 Bambi The Bone Crusher

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-104 Bambi The Bone Crusher


SSG-VC-104 Bambi The Bone Crusher Chadam has seemed to bite off more than he can chew challenging Bambi to an all out scissor match. Bambi houses some explosive power in her thighs, that are built like a brick house. Dressed in a tiny pink thong that showcases her true assets, and sporting cute pink boxing gloves to match. Bambi uses different scissors to test chadam’s ability to handle all the pain and punishment Bambi dishes out. As she locks her rock hard thighs around his neck, it was not long before chadam was tapping and screaming. Bambi’s face gleamed with sheer happiness the more pain she inflicts upon him. Her verbal domination was amazing, belittling him at every chance she had, calling him a pussy, a wimp etc. His manhood was being stripped with each squeeze. Bambi locks on a superbly tight reverse figure four, then sits up burying his face in her amazingly sweet ass cheeks as she tightens her grip. Chadam went straight into panic mode on more than one occasion trying desperately to break free. His face was as red as the mats, and even turned a nice shade of deep purple. She muffled his cries with smothering scissors, laughing at his futile attempts to get out. Chadam nearly went out a few times from the strength and power of this scissor goddess. He was certainly glad once this clip was over, and needed much time to recover after this humiliating neck crushing clip.

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