SSG-VC-172 Three Round Scissor Championship

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-172 Three Round Scissor Championship

SSG-VC-172 Three Round Scissor Championship  This match pits thick muscular Velvet, against tough girl Arianne in an all out competitive scissor match. Now Arianne is no stranger to doing headscissors, in fact she is quite skilled at it. But Velvet is powerful, and a bit less skilled, but this match gets interesting quickly. They fight for the take down, and Velvet plows Arianne to the mats. Velvet swiftly turns into reverse and locks on her first straight leg scissor. She combines that with figure fours, as Arianne desperately tries to escape. There were a few moments when we thought Arianne was going to get out, but Velvet kept her legs locked tight around her neck. Arianne finds herself face down stuck in a figure four scissor, and is tapping rapidly throughout. Velvet manages to get into a forward rolling scissor, and makes Arianne tap from that. The camera person calls the end of the round (she said the wrong rounds just so you know). The second round heats up Arianne now taking Velvet down and putting on her first scissor. Arianne dominates Velvet with straight leg, seated, and reverse scissors. It looked as though Arianne was going to win this round, but Velvet escapes putting Arianne right between her thighs again. The last round was finally a shining moment for Arianne as she manages to trap Velvet in some great headscissors, squeezing her opponent over and over. Keep track of the taps if you can, but one girl clearly out scissored the other in this competitive matchup.


SSG-VC-172 Three Round Scissor Championship.