SSG-VC-198 Amazons Endless Squeeze

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-198 Amazons Endless Squeeze



SSG-VC-198 Amazons Endless Squeeze  Cynara is a true scissor amazon vixen. Her thighs are enormous and very powerful. Once trapped, you better tap quickly or else you will easily take a nap. This video runs a grueling 23 minutes and we are still shaking our heads as to how chadam survived this. Cynara is very creative when it comes to scissors, and this video proves its’  worthiness. Cynara loves to berate, squeeze and humiliate chadam with her array of intricate scissor holds. From straight legged scissors, figure fours, to knotted ones chadam felt the pressure of each scissor he was trapped in. There was no telling what scissor hold she was going to shift to, and chadam was certainly not prepared for it. She even uses elevated scissors bringing him right up off the mats, suspending him using just the power of her legs alone. His face going red,  and his moans of pain are worth every minute of this clip, watching him suffer in this Amazon’s scissors. Cynara always makes sure to bury his head nice and tight in her thighs, making the scissor much more effective and painful. She shows no remorse for inflicting pain, all she wanted to do was dominate and hurt him, using her most prized assets, her legs.


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