SSG-VC-179 Sisters In Spandex

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-179 Sisters In Spandex

SSG-VC-179 Sisters In Spandex  We now see real life sisters Aubrey and Arianne in a spandex head scissor battle. Both girls are tough and well skilled, but one sister seems to out wrestle and control the other. the video starts out with Aubrey jumping on her sisters back, and locking on a reverse knotted figure four. Arianne is instantly stunned and made to tap rather quickly. Falling to the mats, Aubrey still keeps control of her older sister, using a straight leg scissor. Aubrey steps up her game using multiple scissors trash talking and belittling her sister. Now rolling Arianne onto her back, Aubrey tucks her leg under her head and uses a figure four facesit scissor that has Arianne trapped. There is little to no escaping this hold and now Arianne is suffering from the squeezing and smothering, realizing this hold is extremely painful. Finally Arianne makes her move and is able to escape only after Aubrey had positioned herself in a forward scissor. Now it’s Arianne’s chance to turn the tables on her sister, using a very tight forward headscissor. Now they go back and fourth trading scissors and a few facesits. But it looks like Arianne pins her sister in a tight schoolgirl pin facesit, then grabs her legs and uses a matchbook pin. Seeing that Aubrey can’t take the pain, and is not that flexible she knew she was finished. Aubrey screams out her submission leaving Arianne to be the final victor.


SSG-VC-179 Sisters In Spandex.