SSG-VC-148 Cynaras Scissor Demolition

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1x1-pixel SSG-VC-148 Cynaras Scissor Demolition

SSG-VC-148 Cynaras Scissor Demolition Mia is a complete glutton for punishment, and loves taking on Cynara. Mia has a secret fetish for being choked, and what better candidate than Cynara. She has huge powerful thighs, perfect for scissoring. Cynara loves to toy with Mia, and puts her in some extremely painful scissor holds.  From the moment go was called, Cynara rushes at Mia slamming her down. Mia then gets easily worked over with Cynara’s long legs that easily wrap around Mia’s neck. Her straight leg reverse scissor had Mia in almost panic state as she squeezed, Mia’s chin and face nearly buried in her ass. Cynara uses a forward straight leg scissor, and pulled Mia’s face into her crotch smothering her while applying the scissor. Cynara turns onto her back, with Mia still trapped and kicked her legs out straight, while Mia’s face filled with pain and anguish. Cynara uses a calf side scissor that was partially knotted, and with her power, Mia could not even escape that. No matter what Mia did, there was no way she could break Cynara’s strong grip from around her neck. Cynara also has some commentary that belittled and humiliated Mia. When she was finished in one of her reverse straight leg scissors, she simply sat up and applies a reverse facesit making Mia tap from that as well. Cynara has a way of making people suffer in her scissors, just as Mia finds out in the non stop scissor clip that left Mia practically lifeless on the mats. Cynara is always a true gem to watch, especially when it comes to her strong suit, scissor holds. You will not be disappointed with this clip, to say the very least. Cynara always put on a great performance, and has no sympathy for her victims, especially Mia.


SSG-VC-148 Cynaras Scissor Demolition.

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  1. Lele says:

    Cynara is one of the strongest girl of your company. She’s amazing. Mia is the perfect loser, once again she suffers a lot. Mia was born to be submissive.

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