SSG-VC-099 Competitive Scissors


SSG-VC-099 Competitive Scissors- This match pits the tough Kiera against Bella in an all out headscissor battle. Eager to show off her new profound skills, Kiera was ready to inflict pain and take no prisoners against Bella. Caught off guard, Bella was not expecting Kiera to be so rough and tumble, nor was she expecting her scissors to be as powerful as they were. Bella got the early jump off scoring the firs scissor, but after that Kiera was on the attack trapping Bella in scissor after scissor, getting many tap outs and submissions. Bella amped up her game now with Kiera, fighting back with all she had, locking on her own scissor combos leaving Kiera no choice but to tap out. This scissor exchange was intense, and each girl had their own method of trapping and tapping one another out. Kiera certainly went the distance in this match, as Bella was not going down easy, and made quite the come back. Bella’s last fall on Kiera proved too much for her, as Kiera screamed out in absolute pain, Bella showing no signs of retaliating remorse on her.